Our Store

Unique Elegance with Personal Attention


When we relocated from Weathersby Road to Newpointe in 2007, we tripled our size. But the move was more than an expansion. We wanted to provide a welcoming atmosphere where you would feel comfortable, and ample space to display our large collections. As you enter, you’ll immediately notice the profusion of showcases – 43 to be exact. To keep this from being overwhelming, each showcase is devoted to one or two gemstone varieties, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for – whether you’re shopping by color or for a specific gem.  All of our diamond jewelry is displayed in twelve showcases under the center canopy of the store. Seven of these showcases are devoted to wedding jewelry. The other five cases feature diamond earrings, bracelets, and pendants.


As shoppers, our family recognizes you can get fatigued even when you’re having fun. We created our fireplace seating area with two cozy armchairs where you (or your spouse) can relax with a hot or cold beverage and read a magazine while you’re shopping, or we’re cleaning your jewelry, or taking in a piece to be repaired.

Special Occasions

Our store was designed with wide open aisles and spaces to be able to host large gatherings. Our on-site kitchen has fed up to 200 people for holidays and special occasions. If you’re looking for a unique venue, we welcome you to contact us. Let us become a sparkling shopping gala and donate a portion of the proceeds to your favorite charity. We can also host an after-hours “private buying experience” for your family, or provide an intimate buying experience for two.


Because we know that some issues require more personal space, we created a comfortable office which houses our AGS (American Gem Society) Certified Gem Lab, capable of showing highly magnified jewelry on a 17″ TV screen.  Here, our Certified Gemologist Appraiser will answer all your jewelry questions, offer advice and counsel, and give you all the time you need to make important decisions.