Krystal & Brett Phillips

Meet Our First Couple 

Thank you for stopping by the Love At Lights blog! We want to take time to thank our brides and grooms for their patronage to Lights Jewelers & Gemologists by celebrating THEM. We want to hear your love story and share it with others! Today, we are eager to share the story of this sweet couple, Krystal and Brett! Read on to hear more about their incredible story. 

The First Day

Krystal first saw Brett at 4 o'clock in the morning when she and one of her friends were at the gym working out. Krystal saw Brett pass by and she and her friend began talking about how attractive she found him. Krystal's friend tried to encourage her to go talk to Brett, but she did not want to at that moment. Krystal stepped to the restroom, and when she came back, her friend informed her that Brett was indeed single. Krystal says, "I told her she better not have went and asked him, and she said that she didn't, she had ANOTHER guy go ask him!" That particular guy came up to Krystal later and said that Brett wanted her phone number. Her response was that she would just go walk up to Brett, and give him her number herself, and she did! That first day, Krystal and Brett talked for HOURS. During their conversation, Brett mentioned that he was shocked that Krystal had given him her phone number earlier that morning. Krystal politely reminded him that he had asked for her number, and Brett said, "No I didn't." It looks like both of their friends tricked them and set them up! Now Brett likes to say that Krystal full court pressed him at the gym (lol). 

The Yes Day! September 28, 2013

Krystal and Brett went to the New Orleans Aquarium with their best friends, Katie, Dale, and then 1 year old daughter, Allie Kate. Katie was recording everything that afternoon on her phone, but Krystal did not think anything of it because it was Allie Kate's first time at the aquarium and she thought that her parents wanted to video the occasion. The REAL reason that Katie was recording though is because Brett was going to propose! Krystal and Brett were standing in front of the tank watching the diver feed the stingrays. As they were watching this happen, an employee asked Krystal a question about a fish in another tank. When Krystal turned back around, the diver in the tank had pulled a sign out from under the sand and lifted it up. It read, "Krystal, Will You Marry Me? Love, Brett." Krystal says, "When it registered what I just read I turned around he was on his knee with my sparkling ring!" sweet!!! 

The Best Day! May 03, 2014

Krystal and Brett were married at The Chapel of Memories on The Mississippi Sate University's campus. As told by Krystal, "That day, the girls all went to the church early to get ready while the guys grilled out all afternoon and had a huge whiffle ball game (and somehow still made it to the pictures before the girls HAH.)"

"The chapel was beautiful with flowers everywhere, the long middle aisle, stained glass and a vaulted ceiling surrounded by our loved ones. Our wedding party walked down the aisle to "When God Made You" by Newsong because everytime I hear that song I think of how blessed I am that God made Brett. We've been through more in the past 6 years dating together then most couples go through in a lifetime, but one thing that never changes is that God brought us in each other's lives and for that I am forever grateful."  

"Our ceremony was followed by a reception at the Hunter Henry Center on campus. We came down the beautiful staircase to be greeted by our friends and family as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips. We had an amazing night of dancing, tears of joy with lots and lots of laughs. Immediately following the reception everyone went out to my father in-laws for a big bonfire in the country. I could not have asked for more of a perfect day!!!"

We’ve been through more...together then most couples go through in a lifetime, but one thing that never changes is that God brought us in each other’s lives and for that I am forever grateful.
— Krystal Phillips

Why Lights Jewelers?

"I have always loved Lights Jewelers. Everything in there is beautiful, but what made us really love Lights is the customer service. From the second we walked in almost 4 years ago when we got our rings, until now, just getting them cleaned we are always treated like they really care about us and not just making a sale. SIDE NOTE: The lady who helped us also helped Brett play a TRICK on me. We went in to get me sized about 6 months prior to him asking because he wanted to know 'whenever' he decided to start looking what kind of rings I liked. I found one that I liked and one that I LOVED. My finger got swollen from trying on so many rings, so they told me to come in the next day to get a 'true size' when my finger wasn't swollen. When I did, I went straight for the ring I loved the previous day and I couldn't find it. The girl told me that it was actually sold that morning. I didn't want to make Brett feel bad so I told him about it being sold when I called him and that I liked the other style a lot too. Long story short, Brett went back in there later on that afternoon and purchased it so he was the on that bought it. So thanks to Lights Jewelers, I was able to get the ring I loved!" -Krystal 


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