in-house jewelry and  watch repairs

At Lights Jewelers & Gemologists we are proud to have our very own in-house craftsman, Roberto Amay. We have an unbelievably fast turn-around time and in most cases we can have your repair ready in just a few days, or in some cases, just a few hours. Whether is a ring re-sizing, a watch battery replacement, or pearls that need to be restrung, at Lights, we are happy to help you with your jewelry in any way possible.


Tom Light is the only Certified Gemologist Appraiser in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. When you come to Lights for an in-house appraisal, Tom Light will sit down with you in his office and appraise your jewelry while you watch. After he is finished, you are able to take your jewelry home with you that day, and then our team at Lights will type up your appraisal and send it to you. Appraisals are scheduled on an appointment basis. If you are interested in scheduling an appraisal with Tom Light, please click on the button below to contact us today.


If you are looking to get a piece of jewelry engraved, Lights Jewelers & Gemologists is happy to offer this service to our customers. Whether it is a wedding ring, pendant, pocket watch, or jewelry box, Lights is eager to help you personalize your jewelry.